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J A Interviews - Ayo Ojo

Ayo Ojo stood in a trench coat in a shop looking down.

I recently had the chance to interview Ayo Ojo, an innovative Fashion Journalist. Ayo's critical thinking and extremely well researched YouTube videos and articles offer a deep dive into the latest collections and the history of fashion. Leaving you more educated on the subject and with the room to form your own opinions.


"Where are you based and how is it shaping you?" - Josh

"I’m based in London. London is a cultural melting pot so I get influenced by a multitude of people around me. The fact that I mainly write and make content around fashion and the arts means that I get to learn about how it is presented in many parts of the world due to the cultural diversity in London." - Ayo

"What are you excited about in the world?" - Josh

"I am excited about the aftermath of Covid. I am the type of person that likes to look at the silver lining in things. One thing history has taught us is that great things come out of struggle. This includes everything from new subcultures to new advancements to navigate the “new normal” that will arise due to the effect of Covid-19." - Ayo

"What was the last book you read?" - Josh

"The last book I read was City of Spades by Colin MacInnes. I was advised by my lecturer to read it and I didn’t regret it. It’s a story of immigrants who were moving to the UK in the 50s & 60s and how they navigated themselves in British society at the time." - Ayo

An illustration drawing of a man and a woman stood outside of a bar in London

"If you could re-invent something in the world, what would it be?" - Josh

"Assuming there are no limitations to this question I would re-invent people’s way of thinking. Things like racism and prejudice are things I think are learnt. I don’t think people are born racist or prejudice. It’s something they learn from the people around them. If there was a way to realistically re-invent the way people thought when it came to those specific aspects, I think the world would be a better place." - Ayo

"Do you have a quote or philosophy you live by?" - Josh

My favourite quote is “take things one step at a time.” At times I think I should be doing more or should have achieved more at my age. Anytime I have those feelings I take a step back and remember that quote and it reminds me to pace myself and just come to terms with the fact that everyone’s time is different.

"Favourite eco brand?" - Josh

"It’s definitely Patagonia in a general sense. In the fashion industry sustainability is widely seen by brands as a buzzword to use to win over gen-z and millennial customers. Greenwashing is so widespread in fashion that there are very few brands I can vouch for that genuinely care about being sustainably conscious. I would say Patagonia is the gold standard that all brands should model themselves after. In terms of smaller brands I love what Ahluwalia is doing." - Ayo

"What song have you got on repeat at the moment?"

"I’ve been listening to “Im Workin” by Giggs and Jorja Smith a lot." - Ayo

Giggs standing on a London street in a black coat looking down the lens of the camera

"One person, that inspires you?" - Josh

"My biggest inspiration right now is Ibrahim Kamara. The fashion industry can be a bit of a dark world especially for a person of colour. Ibrahim has been able to achieve so much in such a short amount of time through sheer talent and hard work. It encourages me to keep working hard for the things I want with the feeling I can overcome all obstacles and barriers." - Ayo

Ibrahim Kamara in a double breasted white suit jacket looking down the lens of the camera

"Do you have a goal or ambition you can share with us?" - Josh

"My current goal is to launch my own fashion magazine which I am currently working on." -Ayo

What would constitute a perfect day for you? - Josh

"A perfect day would be a day when I can just do the things I love. Being able to do some exercise, read a bit and just eat good food. I appreciate the little things in life." - Ayo

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one more quality or ability what would it be?

The ability to have a higher level of concentration. Everyday I like to study but after around 3 hours of work my brain physically will not take anything else in. It’s something I’ve known about myself for years. Hence, everyday I work in blocks of 3 hours. I wish I had the ability to concentrate for longer. - Ayo

"Which high fashion brands do you think have the best approach to sustainability?" - Josh

The main brand that comes to mind in the high fashion sphere is Stella McCartney. There is a genuine want to incorporate new technology and better practices on every level to reach the goal of a more sustainable brand as time progresses. It’s a brand I can vouch for because I’ve worked for the brand. - Ayo

A circular Stella McCartney Logo that is made up of loads of dots

"If you could describe a fashion industry utopia what would it look like?" - Josh

"A fashion industry where people don’t have pre-conceived narratives or notions about certain designers or concepts. One in which everyone does the research first and forms an opinion after. My fashion utopia is more tailored to fashion journalism because that’s the sector of the fashion industry I work in." - Ayo

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

If you want to hear more from Ayo check out his youtube channel and look out for his magazine!

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