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Our first collection 'Earth' focuses on the environmental issues that we are facing today. Each t-shirt is designed to bring awareness to a different issue and each time you buy one, we plant a tree! We have partnered with Mossy Earth a social enterprise on a mission to bring true wilderness back to Europe. Through the framework of rewilding and reforestation.

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 is designed to bring awareness to deforestation. The rings represent a tree that has been cut down to make space for farming. 

Deforestation is one of the main environmental issues the earth is facing today.
Over 46% of the earth’s forests have been destroyed by human activity.


RED brings awareness to global warming.


The red rectangle represents the warning signs the environment shows through increased temperatures and major changes in weather.

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MONOPOLY is inspired by monoculture and polyculture farming.

Monoculture farming is the agricultural practice of growing one crop or species at a time. It can rid the soil of its rich nutrients. 
Polyculture farming is the agricultural practice of growing more than one species of crop at any one time, allowing a more diverse ecosystem to thrive. 

Monoculture farming is a lesser-known environmental issue, but one that should be brought to light. 
However, it should be said that in some circumstances, monoculture farming is good for the environment, especially in places where drought occurs.

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is inspired by air pollution.


The pink stripe, grey overlay and faded yellow circle represent a smoggy sunset.

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AIR Clothig Range


is inspired by water pollution.


The orange square represents a plastic bag floating in the sea, which is represented by the large blue square. 

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zero impact T-shirt frm JA Clothing

is designed to highlight rising sea levels, caused by climate change and the melting ice-caps.


The triangles represent mountains with no snow and the blue stripe is a river, showing that in time, our snow topped mountains will be a thing of the past.

zero impact T-shirt
Sustainable T-shirt from JA Clothing
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To find out more about our charity collaboration with Mossy Earth, please click here

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