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This t-shirt is inspired by monoculture and polyculture farming.
Monoculture farming is the agricultural practice of growing one crop or species at a time. It can rid the soil of its rich nutrients. Polyculture farming is the agricultural practice of growing more than one species of crop at any one time, allowing a more diverse ecosystem to thrive. 


Monoculture farming is a lesser known environmental issue, but one that should be brought to light. However, it should be said that in some circumstances, monoculture farming is good for the environment, especially in places where drought occurs.


We use 100% organic cotton to make our t-shirts and water-based inks, that are non-toxic and recycled after use. Our t-shirts are made in ethically verified warehouses and part of the Fair-Wear Foundation. Our t-shirts are climate neutral certified! This has been achieved by low-impact organic farming, efficiency in  transportation and a factory that is powered by renewable energy. 


Our first collection 'Earth' focuses on the environmental issues that we are facing today. Each t-shirt is inspired by an environmental issue and when you buy one, we will plant a tree and send you a photograph and the GPS coordinates so you can actually see the positive impact of your purchase.


  • Crewneck
  • True to size
  • Printed with Water-based Ink
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in Ethically Verified Warehouse
  • Climate neutral t-shirt
  • Circular
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